British Virgin Islands - Hidden gem of the Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. The BVI has more yacht options than any of our other locations, therefore giving you the biggest selection of yachts to choose from. The BVI are also an ideal area for first-time charterers and families. The area has an abundance of unique locations to suit any taste, from islets and cays to protected waters and pristine beaches. There are family-friendly activities as well as nightlife for the partiers. Most British Virgin Islands yacht charters are all-inclusive and generally start around $10,000 per week.

US Virgin Islands - Luxury and convenience

The US Virgin Islands are another popular choice among charterers. The ease of access - direct flights from the US and no passport requirement for US citizens - makes the US Virgin Islands an ideal place to explore in luxury. From top-of-the-line motor yachts to adventurous monohull sailboats, VINE Yachts offers a large selection of vessels to choose from. With an array of locations and actives to explore, our US Virgin Islands yacht charters give you superior flexibility and diversity. Most US Virgin Island yacht charters are all-inclusive and start around $10,000 per week.

The Grenadines - A taste of something different

The Grenadines consist of the larger islands of St. Vincent and Grenada along with the many smaller island between the two. This area is for slightly more adventurous charterers and is great for those that have chartered in the Virgin Islands before. Grenadine anchorages can be remote, have more of a local island flavor, and the tropical settings are dense and mostly untouched. These waters have yachts cruising all year round, however the months of May, June and July see increased numbers of yachts in this area.

St. Maarten/St. Barts

St. Maarten, St. Barts, and Anguilla provide picturesque ports, incredibly unique local culture, beautiful water and pristine beaches. St. Maarten is half Dutch and half French, creating two distinct cultures on a single island. The French side is home to wonderful fine dining experiences and quiet beaches, while the Dutch side has busy shopping districts and tourist getaways. St. Barts is a less bustling island town, with picturesque beaches and ports. It's main town of Gustavia is filled with wonderful restaurants, cafes, and boutiques for shopping.

Belize - An exotic and quiet getaway

Belize is home to the second largest reef system in the world. Charters in this area are quiet and uncrowded experiences, full of remote anchorages and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Crystal-clear waters make this location ideal for snorkeling and diving. Only a handful of charters aside from VINE Yacht Charters operate in the area, making Belize ideal for those who want a beautiful and uncrowded experience. Belize is also easily accessible, with direct flights to Belize City from several major US airports.

New England – Historic sailing waters and picturesque scenery

From Connecticut to Maine, our charter yachts frequent these beautiful waters in the summer months. Sag Harbor, Montauk, Block Island, Newport, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Cape Cod all the way up to Kennebunkport, Maine, are active charter grounds during this time. Get spoiled on board or head ashore for the best in shopping, tasting New England seafood or seeing the historic sights.