Rara Avis


Yacht Length: 33 Metres

Crew Size: 6

Yacht Passengers: 12

Cabins: 6

King: 1

Queen: 2

Twin: 2

About this Yacht

- Master cabin: double bed (200*200 cm), 40 square meters.
- Vip cabin: double bed (200*200 cm), 22 square meters.
- 2 Double Cabins: double bed (190*200 cm), 15 square meters.
- 2 Twin Cabins (convertible to Double Cabin): twin bed (2 x 95*200 cm), 16 square meters

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Crew Info:

From the first moment you come aboard Rara Avis you will feel you are in a safe and hospitable hands of Časlav, young 34 years old captain who has spent last 12 years of his life connected with sea.
Soon after finishing high school, he has realized his love is not commercial and marketing but sea and the boats. He started working as a sailor on different boats and patiently he sailed his way to become a captain. Experience that he gathered in meantime has made him an excellent host who can provide his guests the most memorable cruise. Časlav has been showing enthusiasm and love for the nature all of his life so when he is not sailing, he spends his free time on the mountains.
For him this is ideal way of recharging his batteries and connecting with nature and his family. He is married, has two children and his wife shares his love for this job as she comes from the family that has been working in nautical tourism for few generations now. Časlav has very friendly and cheerful nature and you will like him from the first moment you meet him especially as he takes his job very seriously and he wants to provide his client’s complete experience.
He enjoys meeting new people from all over the world and he feels it is his mission to show them all the beauties of h is country.
This is why his main goal is happy and completely satisfied client. He speaks Croatian and English.

Filip Brekalo
Captain II.

Filip Brekalo was born in Split, Croatia, on February 9, 1985. From a young age, he was drawn to the sea, which set the course for his future career. Over the years, Filip has built an impressive reputation as a skilled and dedicated captain with over a decade of experience commanding motor sailing yachts and mini cruise ships along the picturesque Adriatic coast and across the globe.
Filip's expertise in yacht transfer is a testament to his ability to navigate and manage vessels in diverse conditions and locations. His leadership and management skills, honed through years of overseeing sailing duties, crew recruitment, and tourist hosting, instill confidence in his ability to handle any situation. His fluency in English and basic proficiency in Italian further enhance his ability to interact with a wide range of clients and crew members.
His career highlights include serving as the captain of several notable vessels. From 2013 to 2022, he captained small cruise ships such as the m/s Pacific, m/s Amalia, and m/s President along the Adriatic coast. In 2022 and 2023, he led the motor sailing yacht MSY Life is Good, performing worldwide sailing duties and handling extensive managerial responsibilities.
Filip's dedication and exceptional performance have earned him accolades, notably the 2019 award from the Sailing Croatia Agency for the best crew of mini cruise ships for his work on the m/s Pacific. His educational background includes qualifications as an officer of the navigational watch on ships of 500 GT or more and a Yacht-Master Category B for yachts up to 500 GT.
Outside of his maritime career, he has achieved personal success in various fields. He is married and the proud father of one child. As a Croatian national representative in rafting, he earned a silver medal at the European championship. He is also an experienced football referee and an instructor in skiing and rafting, showcasing his versatility and passion for life beyond the sea.

Roko is the youngest crew member on Rari Avis. Although he is only 19 years old, his colleagues say that he is hardworking, enjoys the sea, and is gaining experience working as a deckhand.
He was born in Split, where he graduated from maritime school, and after this sea season he will continue his education at the Maritime Faculty. Among foreign languages, he speaks English, and in his free time he likes to play football the most.

Matelj Reljić

Matej was born in February 2nd 2000, which makes him the 2nd youngest member of Rara Avis crew.
He graduated from Maritime High School in Split as a technician for marine engineering. Since his early age he was always helping out on boats as he resides in a small village, city of Split outskirts, Krilo Jesenice, which has been famous for many years, as a place in Croatia with the biggest number of boat builders and owners.
It was very clear for Matej what career he will dedicate his life to. Before he joined the crew on Rara Avis, he has had some experience already working as a hand on deck and as a waiter on another charter ship. He speaks active English.
This young man, eager to learn and to be of service is doing the best he can with a big great smile on his face. In his free time, Matej is doing some serious fishing and also is a permanent volunteer for city of Omiš Fire Department.

Born and raised in the historical city of Sinj, where the antient battles for Croatia took place, chef Marko has that fighting spirit and the will to give the best that he can in everything he does.
And he does food, he is doing it with such legerity and enthusiasm. Marko has mastered cooking skills as a chef in several well-known and praised a la carte restaurants along the Dalmatian coast as well as on some other yachts. As a young chef, he has wider views in sense of being more familiar with new cooking ideas and ways of cooking, new flavors and very large spectrum of groceries selection.
His dedication to food preparation has made him not only a great cook but an amazing food decorator. His meals tell an authentic Mediterranean gourmet story that will enchant your flavor buds as much as your eyes.
Chef Marko takes special pride in rustic style meat & fish dishes preparation combined with modern cuisine tricks. Speaks English, very friendly and open to any menu suggestions from the guests as his only wish is to complete the cruising experience with terrific dining. His eagerness to please is very visible and tasteful in his food creations.

The latest addition to the Rara Avis team is Kristian Vučić, a 28- year-old waiter and a former professional Croatian basketball player.
Before entering the yacht industry, Kristian worked as a waiter and barista at some of the most acclaimed Croatian restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, where he obtained his 5-year-long hospitality experience. He brings an eclectic hospitality background to Rara Avis, and the Rara team and guests are truly fortunate to have him on board in season 2023.
His former colleagues describe him as a great team player and hardworking yet easy going. In his spare time, Kristian enjoys sports and spending quality time with his family and friends.

Mirna Kozina

Mirna Kozina was born in Split, Croatia, on July 2, 1998. Her journey into the workforce began in her teenage years. She began seasonal work at Ciprianis, a local establishment known for its delectable ice cream, pancakes, and bakery products. This experience laid the foundation for her future career in the culinary industry, as she honed her sales and customer communication skills, proficient in Croatian and English.
After completing her secondary education, Mirna pursued further studies in graphic design at the School of Design, Graphics, and Sustainable Construction in Split. This educational background equipped her with valuable technical skills, which she would later integrate into her professional endeavors.
Throughout her career, Mirna demonstrated versatility and a solid commitment to excellence. From her early roles as a salesman at Bobis Riva and later at Sugarin Ice Cream Production, she immersed herself in artisanal ice cream, mastering the art of production and decoration while ensuring impeccable cleanliness and customer service standards. Her journey continued with roles at Pumparela Gelateria and Zvijez D.O.O., where she further refined her abilities in sales, supply management, and customer interaction. Mirna's dedication to her craft led her to Slastičarnica Voćni Trg, where she specialized in producing and selling artisanal ice cream.
Beyond her professional achievements, Mirna's personal qualities shine through. She is described as communicative, adaptable, and highly motivated, with a strong sense of ethics and a readiness to embrace challenges. Her proficiency in English, technical skills, and interpersonal strengths position her as a valuable asset in any workplace.

Crew Photo