Yacht Length: 43.53 Metres

Crew Size: 8

Yacht Passengers: 12

Cabins: 6

King: 2

Double: 4

About this Yacht

1 Master Cabin: Cabin 25 m2, with double bed
1 Vip Cabin: Cabin 21 m2, with double bed
2 Double/Twin Cabins: Cabin 12 m2, with double bed, convertible into twin beds
2 Twin/Double Cabins: Cabin 12 m2, with two twin beds convertible into double

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Crew Info:

Captain Andrija was born in Split into a family with a 30-year long tradition of maritime enterprise.
He spent most of his childhood helping his father and brothers on different ships owned by their
family so he knew very early where he sees himself in the future, happy at sea.
Graduated from the secondary Maritime high school in Split as a nautical officer of the deck but with
his eagerness to run a ship on his own, he was slowly upgraded to a Captain, with more than 8 years
of experience so far.
Andrija is a very athletic person; in his free time his passions are spearfishing and free climbing. He
used to play a guitar very well but he gave that hobby up in order to pursue new interests.
His crew speaks very highly of him as he runs his ship professionally and diligently.
Overall, Andrija is very warm and easy-going person, which you can see for yourself if you decide to
book M/S “Dalmatino” for an extraordinary Croatian cruising experience.

Ivan Čorić
Chief Mate
Ivan Čorić was born in Split, Croatia, on May 7, 1989. From his youth, Ivan displayed an affinity for maritime pursuits, leading him to pursue his education at the Maritime School. With a passion for language, Ivan honed his English skills excellently while dabbling in German.

In 2009, Ivan embarked on his maritime journey, marking the beginning of a remarkable career at sea. Starting as a sailor, he quickly demonstrated his prowess and rose through the ranks, serving as a helmsman, officer, and eventually, captain. His dedication to his craft goes beyond mere duty; Ivan is known for his commitment to maintaining and servicing his ship meticulously throughout the year, ensuring smooth voyages and the safety of all aboard.

Beyond the demands of the sea, Ivan finds solace in his hobbies. Fishing holds a special place in his heart, offering moments of tranquility amidst the vast expanse of the Adriatic Sea. Equally important to him is spending quality time with his family.

Zvonimir Novokmet
Zvonimir Novokmet was born in 1995 in the charming city of Oakville, Canada.

Following his studies at a secondary technical school in Split, Croatia, he decided to search for work, and in 2015 he ended up on the open seas as a waiter on a vessel. In addition to his duties as a waiter, after a year of working in the salon, Zvonimir also tried his hand as an assistant cook.

After successfully mastering these waters over the years ago, Zvonimir achieved another milestone and became a deckhand.

On his days off, he loves socializing with friends and having a few laughs over board games. An avid film fan, he also enjoys watching quality movies in his leisure time. On the sports side of things, you’ll find him following football! And when it comes to foreign languages – English is one of his strong points.

Mislav Bekavac
Mislav Bekavac, born on April 9, 1999, in Split, Croatia, is a young man whose heart belongs to the sea. After completing his education at the Language High School, he embarked on a journey into marine engineering at the Maritime Faculty in Split.

Mislav’s early years were marked by responsibility, as he helped his parents manage their café. This instilled in him a strong work ethic and a sense of duty. Last season, he ventured into the maritime industry, gaining valuable experience as a sailor and a waiter on a ship.

Outside his maritime pursuits, Mislav finds joy in sports, particularly football, which he has played since childhood. He’s also sociable, often spending his free time with friends or enjoying action movies. Fluent in English, Mislav adds linguistic versatility to his skill set.

With a passion for the sea and a thirst for adventure, he is set to navigate the waves of life with determination and enthusiasm.

Martin Goreta
Chef Martin has a mantra for life – love of food is the most authentic way to express yourself.

Born in Split in 2000, he was passionate about everything culinary from an early age! After graduating from high school with majors in cooking and the hospitality industry, he gained more experience by learning from some of the best chefs across Croatia.

Martin’s diverse experience of working throughout Europe has given him the ability to bring a unique cultural touch, respect different cultures and perfect his English language skills. Martin is no stranger to working on ships, but he is ready for a new challenge this time! His faith drives his ambition to ensure the food is excellent.

Martin is always looking to expand his horizons through new education or travels. And when everyone comes together for a celebration, Martin adds an extra dose of joy with the music from his accordion!

Marko Žuljević
Marko was born in Split (1988) where he finished his school education as an electronics technician but being born by the sea made him take a different direction in life, and he started working on boats. He is experienced in his job, serving his customers in the best possible way.

People would describe him as a very communicative and outgoing person. He speaks fluent English, and if you ever need good music, he is your go-to guy; when he is not on board Dalmatino, Marko is a DJ.

Sara Generalić
Chief Stewardess
Sara is a highly ambitious individual who began her incredible life voyage in 1997. After successfully graduating from the Hotel and Tourism High School in Omiš, she set sail for more knowledge at Split’s Maritime Faculty.

Now an accomplished engineer specializing in maritime management, Sara continues to reach new heights with additional education and is currently finishing her graduate studies at the same faculty.

After the experience gained in the institute for designing and managing geodetic projects, she set out for the Adriatic world of cruising! In between, she spent several seasons working in beach bars, where she further improved her English skills.

She loves spending time with her family and friends. When she’s feeling adventurous, she can usually be found on long walks through nature, accompanied by her trusty four-legged companion, or exploring different cultures around the world.

Ira Barunčić
Ira Barunčić an adventurous spirit born in Split on August 25th, 2002. After graduating from the Tourism and Hospitality School, she decided to take a different path that would lead her onto luxury yachts as a hostess!

Ira sets off for new adventures with the Dalmatino crew – as their youngest member this season!

She loves exploring the world and discovering what different cultures offer. She is big animals lovers, speaks English fluently, and has a great handle on fundamental German! You can find her spending time in nature when she’s not out adventuring.

Crew Photo