Yacht Length: 45 Metres

Crew Size: 8

Yacht Passengers: 12

Cabins: 6

King: 1

Queen: 4

Twin: 1

About this Yacht

6 cabins, cabin configuration:
1 master 34 m2, King size bed 200x200
4 double 20m2 Queen size bed 180x200
1 twin 14m2 bed size(2) 100x200

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Crew Info:

Crew Profile 2024

Captain: Mate Vitaljic, Croatian
Languages: English, Italian

Captain Mate is coming from town of Komiza on island Vis, world-renowned place of skilled fishermen and brave seafarers. Upon finishing Maritime High School and Faculty of Maritime Studies, both in Split, Mate started his career at seas on cargo ships of reputable local company. Fastest possible made his way through ranks of merchant navy officers reaching highest level of professional seafarer qualification; Master Mariner license – an unlimited permission to master a merchant ship of any tonnage and power, operating anywhere in the world. Achievements and potential of dedicated, capable and ambitious captain Mate were noted among maritime companies. Among offers addressed his way Mate chose to command passenger ships on international lines. Years later, he signed up for same position in another company, in time to take a role of inspector on passenger ships. Upon his return to Croatia, 2006, Mater worked as CEO of maritime and passenger line companies for next 5 years. During that period, he frequently captained 54m /177ft long luxury charter yacht “Seagull II” in Mediterranean waters; taking this role as a favor to his friend, owner of the yacht. Settled to conclude his successful managing career in 2011, Mate turned to yacht charter industry as owner/operator of charter yacht Korab. Captain Mate, his wife Antonia as chef on board with two more crew members provided amazing experiences for their guests on board 25m/84ft long motor yacht.
In 2018 Mate and his brother in law Kazimir joined to build Son de Mar, finished in 2019.
It is just fair to say that Capt. Mate is finally on the yacht which deserves him as a Captain. All his undeniable qualities and qualifications of a seafarer aside, Capt. Mate has what it takes to provide an outstanding service; easy going, pleasant, communicative, unimposing and always ruled by the best interest of his charter guests.
It is very easy to be relaxed on board Son de Mar knowing that competent and trustworthy Captain is taking care of your safety and comfort. At the same time, exceptional experience of destination is guaranteed thanks to Captain’s Mate immense knowledge of the sailing area, deep connections with local community and sense for needs of his guests.

Chef: Antonia Tomić, Croatian
Languages: English

Former Chief Stewardes, and Chief Purser on various vessels, Antonia started to work as a chef in 2011 on charter yacht “Korab” owned and operated by herself and her husband Capt. Mate.
Antonia always loved cooking; it was her interest since childhood and she became extremely good at it very young. Still, her husband had hard time talking her into becoming a chef on their yacht Korab, convincing her that as outstanding amateur chef she will be far better than any professional chef they could hire. Probably only Antonia was surprised when charter industry recognized and promoted food on Korab as paramount gourmet experience. Although praises of her work coming from her charter guests and chefs from other yachts brought her relief, Antonia wanted also objective assasment of her skills; therefore she completed formal education in reputable private school for chefs.
During winter time Antonia gathered precious experience working side by side with prominent chefs in local restaurants, taking their recommendation on which additonal seminars and trainings to attend. All of this improved her knowledge, but more importantly – built her confidence, even results she already achieved were proving she is definitely a star. But, that is just who Antonia is – she needs to be sure not only that she is doing her best but also that her best is done in best way in general.
Antonia describes her favorite cooking style as Mediterranean fine dining with a twist – local, fresh, seasonal ingredients as a base with appropriate contemporary touch. Still, she always says that her personal favorite style is irrelevant; in the first place her job is to follow preferences of the guests. She enjoys decorating plates and puts a lot of attention in selection and presentation of desserts. It is well known fact that Antonia and her husband are tightly connected with local fishermen, so no exaggeration saying that fish goes directly from sea to Antonia’s plates. Modest and kind, passionate about her work and dedicated to providing best service for her guests, Antonia puts all of her to make guests of Son De Mar feel that they could not choose better yacht for their holidays.
Besides spending time in family surrounding Antonia loves to stay on top of all what is happening in the world of gastronomy: regularly visits local restaurants, when travels always takes opportunity to explore and learn and constantly improves her knowledge through specialized culinary seminars and workshop.

Stewardess: Nena Dumančić, Croatia
Languages: English

After finishing high school, Nena started working in hospitality industry. Looking for new challenges in life she pursued a career on the sea as a stewardess. It started in 2015 on Yacht Korab, a since then fell in love with sea, working with people in this kind of environment. From the start of her yachting career she has been on boat with Captain Mate and Chef Antonia and since then they have been inseparable team. Agile, responsible and dedicated to deliver her best performance in whatever she does, this communicative young woman of many interests fits perfectly in fantastic team on board Son de Mar. Nena worked on various positions in restaurants and clubs so she gained a lot of experience in this area. Been given a lot of responsibilities on previous jobs, she transferred her knowledge to Yacht Son de Mar in an excellent way. Curious, in loved with cooking, reading and sunbathing – this is what Nena says about herself. She is very much looking forward to making guests of MSY Son de Mar feel comfortable and at home.

Deckhand: Ilija Babic, Croatian
Languages: English, German

Ilija was born in Switzerland where he spent his childhood. He continued his higher education in Croatia, gaining qualifications in construction and surveying. Ilija worked in his formal profession for 6 years, measuring the formation and infrastructure stability of tunnels all around Europe. It was a high-risk job that provided an environment of adventure and challenge; Ilija gained many valuable skills in this role, placing teamwork above everything else.
When he grew restless in this occupation, Ilija turned his head and his heart to a career at sea, as he found it will combine so many of his interests. Ilija has always loved the sea, adventure and travel – working on yachts provides all of this, giving him the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and to understand variety of cultures.
Ilija built a respectable reputation in the yachting industry during past 8 years. Hardworking and committed crew member, experienced, attentive and respectful Stipe was first choice for a deckhand on Son de Mar. He participated in completion of work on Son de Mar, therefore he is detailly introduced with all systems on board. Ilija’s long-term plan is to captain a charter yacht one day.
Immensely contributing to the atmosphere among crew with his natural team spirit, sense of humor and highly likeable personality, Stipe spends his free time outdoors, hiking and riding motorbikes are his favorite hobbies.

Stewardess: Tamara Matković, Croatian
Languages: English, Italian

After finishing college and getting a master degree in Tourism and Hospitality, Tamara worked in her field for couple of years in various hotel’s. Looking for a more dynamic job she found boats/sea interesting. Starting from one day trips on speed boats on Croatian cost Tamara gained experience in this field of work and wanted a more challenging job and decided to be apart of Son de Mar crew as a stewardess on a luxury sailing yacht. Tamara started working on Son de Mar last season and showed great knowledge, exceptional relationship with guests and hard work ethic. Tamara has interest’s in improving herself all the time. Going to the gym, out in the nature and having caffe with people she loves is what keep’s her going.

Deckhand: Ivan Vitaljić, Croatian
Languages: English, Italian

Waiter: Ivan Čulić, Croatian

Ivan is a student of Economy currently attending his last year. During his period of study Ivan was working different restaurants/bars/clubs as a waiter. Wanting a change in his career, Ivan started having interest in yacht, hearing that field is excellent for people dedicated to this job, wanting to work with smaller groups and giving them 100% of his attention. Last year was his first year on Son de Mar and he was truly satisfied with it. Ivan considers himself a easygoing person, fun , open-minded. Likes to work, improve and fell in love with the sea.