Yacht Length: 27 Metres

Crew Size: 4

Yacht Passengers: 10

Cabins: 5

Double: 4

Twin: 1

About this Yacht

10 guests in 4 double cabins & 1 twin cabins. Each cabin has its own private toilet and enclosed shower

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Crew Info:

Captain Frane Hudoletnjak has been on the boat Malena for the past six years. Born in Split, he sets a fine example for his crew with his professionalism and dedication. As the captain, he strives to accommodate the guests on board to the best of his abilities, ensuring their needs and desires are met throughout the journey. With his interpersonal skills and attention to detail he creates a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere and makes each voyage on Malena a memorable experience. His leadership style inspires trust among the crew, fostering a cohesive and efficient team.
With two years of scuba diving experience, he brings a deep understanding of the marine world to his role.
Outside of his role as captain, he enjoys playing basketball and weightlifting. These hobbies not only help him maintain physical fitness but also provide a healthy outlet for relaxation and personal growth. Engaging in these activities allows him to recharge and bring a refreshed mindset to his responsibilities on the boat Malena.
With his leadership guests can expect a voyage filled with remarkable moments and the assurance of a captain who navigates the seas with expertise.

Chef Luka Josipović was born in Đakovo is a culinary enthusiast whose passion for cooking was ignited by his deep love for his two daughters. Cooking for them became a creative outlet, and he discovered his true calling in the kitchen. Luka's culinary journey took an interesting turn when he embarked on the boat Malena, which has been his home for the past decade since its arrival from Turkey.
Living on the boat has allowed Luka to fully embrace his love for nature and long walks. Being surrounded by the vast expanse of the open sea has inspired him to experiment with unique flavours and ingredients found in coastal regions. Luka's cuisine reflects his deep appreciation for the natural world, as he often incorporates locally sourced produce and seafood into his dishes.

Deckhand Krešimir Širko hails from the charming coastal town of Sibenik. With a perpetually positive attitude and a professional demeanour, Kresimir brings a radiant smile and unwavering dedication to his role as a deckhand. Krešimir's boundless enthusiasm and love for life shine through in every task he undertakes. Whether he's meticulously maintaining the vessel, assisting with navigational duties, or ensuring the safety and comfort of the crew and passengers, his commitment to excellence is unwavering. Despite the demanding nature of his job, Kresimir's infectious smile and cheerful disposition make him a joy to work alongside.
When he's not fulfilling his duties onboard, Kresimir eagerly immerses himself in the world of extreme sports. Skydiving and climbing offer him an adrenaline rush and an opportunity to challenge himself physically and mentally. With his beaming smile, unwavering professionalism, and love for extreme sports, Kresimir Sirko is a remarkable deckhand who embraces life's thrilling experiences and inspires those around him to approach each day with optimism and a zest for adventure.

Deckhand Bruno Stosić, from Sibenik, is a valuable asset to the crew with his unwavering enthusiasm and readiness to tackle any challenge. Despite being the youngest member on board, Bruno's dedication to his job and commitment to maritime operations are unparalleled. Additionally, his academic background in kinesiology has equipped him with a unique understanding of physical fitness and overall well-being, making him even more adept at handling the physical demands of his role. With his passion for maritime life and a thirst for personal growth, Bruno is a vital and promising member of the crew, ensuring smooth sailing and efficient operations on the boat.