Yacht Length: 34,5 Metres

Crew Size: 6

Yacht Passengers: 21

Cabins: 9

Double: 7

Twin: 2

About this Yacht

4 Double Cabins: Cabin with double bed
2 Twin Cabins: Cabin with twin bed
3 Triple Cabins: Cabin with double bed and single bed

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Crew Info:

Born in Split May 1988 where he also finished his high school education for tourism and hotel management, he worked in his family business almost most of his life as a hospitality manager. As a family they have a strong connection with the sea so 3 years ago they have decided to buy their first boat for nautical tourism. His parents stayed in restaurant business and Marin went to the sea to finally put together his love of the sea and hospitality.
From the beginning he was recognized in the business due to his knowledge and experience; he regularly won the prize for the best service on board but that was not enough for him, massive cabin charter tourism was not what fulfill Marin. So, he sold his boat and bought beautiful Cataleya and the only thing he is hoping for is that with his experience and enthusiasm he will be able to provide his guests with an unforgettable vacation.
You will love Marin from the first moment you meet him, he is a very outgoing and cheerful person who is always there for his guests. He speaks English and some German and Italian.

Sailor Karlo, born in 1998 in Split, grew up in Solin in a family of entrepreneurs. He is studying at the Naval School in Split. Extremely hardworking and responsible, he finances his education with his work. Karlo is a person with no complicated tasks, and you can count on him at every opportunity.

Mario was born in 1991 in the beautiful and historically famous Solin, where he grew up with the favorite sounds of Dalmatian klapa songs. He studied in Split, speaks English very well, and a little bit of German. In addition, Mario has worked in maritime tourism for many years in different jobs, so he has no unknowns in this business. Mario advocates a healthy life, exercises regularly, and consumes food of controlled origin in his free time. For him, working on Cataleya is a logical choice.

A sailor from Krilo Jesenica, a well-known port on the Adriatic, is the youngest, but by no means less important, member of the Cataleya crew. He is the cheerful spirit of our sailor’s story, an excellent fisherman, and the person who will most often accompany you on boat trips. Growing up with sailors, working on a ship makes his dream come true. He finished high school in Omiš and is further educated at Split’s seafarers’ training center. He speaks English.

Goran Sirovec was born in 1981 in Osijek, where he was educated. For years, he was the manager of famous restaurants and gastro workshops, a humanitarian who participated in cooking campaigns for the needy with his colleagues.
Some of his original recipes were published in the well-known “CROATIA cookbook.” The cookbook is a journey through the traditional cuisine of our country, which paves the way for the creation of the identity of the entire Croatian gastronomy, in which chef Goran also takes an active part. Excellently presents traditional dishes modernly, whether it’s fish or meat. The guests’ wishes are his imperative.
He decided to work as a ship’s cook because of his love for the sea and the possibility of a personal approach, cooking for a small number of guests. Speak English.

David Emanuel is 32 years old and is the new face of Cataleya. After finishing high school, he started working in different catering environments. Through all these years working in various roles, both in management and as an ordinary worker, he became very experienced and excellent in English.
He is often described as open, polished, charismatic, self-confident, and assertive. His hobbies are reading about philosophy and psychology and writing poems, and he plans to publish his first book by the end of the year. In his spare time, he plays and coaches children’s soccer and is a big fan of FC Juventus.

Crew Photo