Yacht Length: 27.25 Metres

Crew Size: 4

Yacht Passengers: 8

Cabins: 4

Double: 2

Twin: 2

About this Yacht

Bed sizes:
Master : 160 x 200
VIP: 150 x 190
Twin: 80 x 190

2 double cabins + 2 single cabins that can be converted into double.

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Crew Info:

Marino Pucer
Position: Captain
Nationality: Slovenian
CAPTAIN: Marino Pucer (permanently on board)
Languages spoken: English, Italian, Croatian, Slovenian, German.
Captain Marino has a long history in the yachting industry, which allows him to be familiar with all duties on board. He holds all STCW certificates, which enables him to operate yachts of max. 500 GT. His life and work has always revolved around water and he is very passionate about the sea having the upmost respect for it. He started out as a military commander diver and instructor. He has an open mind and a sporty nature as well as a young spirit. He is very versatile and always ready to satisfy guests’ requests. During his career he has worked on many different yachts such as 22m MY Alial, 25m MY Adelina, 29m MY Vizantia. Marino joined 27m MY Naseem in August 2009. He always remains loyal to the owners he has worked for and doesn't change yachts very often.

Katarina Braico
Nationality: Slovenian/Italian
(permanently on board)
Spoken languages: English, Italian, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian and intermediate Russian; she also understands German and Spanish.
Katarina joined Naseem in August 2009. She takes an interest in all aspects of running the yacht and enjoys helping out with all duties on board. She strives to make sure that everything runs smoothly and is done to the highest standards. Katarina is very sensititive to guests’ needs and prides herself on making sure that everybody onboard is made to feel as comfortable and happy as possible.
Katarina has a real love of the sea and has gained many seafaring qualifications, which make her an invaluable crew member able to perform many tasks and ensure guest safety. She has worked on 25m MY Seven, 22m MY Smart Lady, 29m MY Vizantia before joining 27m MY Naseem.

Igor Šušteršič
Position: CHEF
Nationality: Slovenian
Speaking languages: English, German, Slovenian.
Igor started cooking professionally since 2013. He got trained to the Biotechnical educational center of Ljubljana. He is always tasting and checking the quality of received ingredients and the fresh food that came in the yacht before serving any guests. he is only purchasing the freshest ingredients from the local markets. In some of his previous working places, Igor was also in charge of the HACCAP system and clean kitchens. Igor is able to prepare all kinds of a˙la carte dishes as well as for buffet style. His previous experience in high star hotels, along with his cooking experience on previous yachts, makes him the ideal chef aboard Naseem. He joined the yacht in May 2021. When not cooking, Igor is active with sports, doing cross-fit and playing piano.

Domenico Dotto
Position: Deck officer
Nationality: Italian
Spoken languages: Italian, English and Spanish
Domenico has an excellent communication and relational skills with work colleagues and with his strong organizational abilities, he can handle and control all the aspects of the yacht’s handling in maneuvering positions. His professional experience is excellent while he completed several courses when it comes to personal survival techniques, elementary first aid, safety & social responsibilities, radar observation and plotting, got training for seafarers on passenger ships, marine escape system and security awareness. Domenico’s navigation experience along with his skills makes him the ideal deck officer on board Naseem. He joined the yacht in 2020.