Yacht Length: 52 Feet

Crew Size: 2

Yacht Passengers: 8

Cabins: 4

Queen: 4

Twin: 1

About this Yacht

A/C in all cabins

Crew use bunk cabin but will move to a different cabin upon request.

Call us or email us for more information about CHAMPAGNE L52. You can reach our office at 1.941.914.1187 or Email Us. We’ll find a charter that fits your style, budget, and interests.

Crew Info:

Paul Anderson
Captain Paul grew up fishing and hunting in the woods of Wisconsin. After Graduating high school my sense of adventure took over and I left for Florida, where I worked at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, one of the highest rated 5 star hotels in world. Working at the Ritz taught me the high standards of customer service that I bring with me to yachting. While living in Florida my love of the sea grew, I learned to dive and started taking photography course. After a few years in Florida I left for Chattanooga Tennessee to open a restaurant.

In Tennessee I joined the National Guard serving as a gunner on an Abrams tanks. When not working at my restaurant or training with the Guard I would spend my time hiking through the Smoky Mountains having hiked over 300 miles of the Appalachian trail. After years of working and hiking the sea started calling my name again, I applied for the Marine biology program at the University of the Virgin Islands and moved to the island and purchased my first sailboat an Endeavor 37 2015. During my time At UVI studying marine Biology I was able to intern for Oceans Research in South Africa for a summer working with great white sharks and whales. After graduating I combined my love of the ocean and sailing and started working on yachts traveling from Grenada to Boston.

I can’t wait to make you an amazing cocktail and share with you my love of the sea while we are moored in a beautiful bay here in the USVI.

Reid Asaro
Being from Long Island, New York, my first intro to my culinary career was learning fine dining at a French restaurant as a busboy. From there I went on to learn the art of perfecting bagels. Since then, I knew my passion was going to be perfecting food. As an adult, I enrolled in the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont. It showed me that a plate is a canvas and I am the artist. This has really shaped how I provision, prepare, cook and plate my dishes. My mentor, French Master Chef, Michael LeBorgne instilled in me to never stop learning and always thrive for excellence in my food. In my quest as a chef, I have tried everything from casual fare to fine dining, including corporate dining and even being the lunch lady at a local elementary school. In all my experiences, I have found my true calling is in the art I can create. I cannot wait to show our guests what is possible and exceed all their expectations!