Yacht Length: 43.35 Metres

Crew Size: 10

Yacht Passengers: 20

Cabins: 10

Queen: 8

Twin: 3

About this Yacht

SAFIRA offers generous accommodations for 20 guests as well as one cabin for support staff.

Each cabin is designed to invoke relaxation with luxury custom bed sleep systems, custom luxury bed and bath linens, ensuite bathrooms with modern shower systems and full air-conditioning.

Due to her design, if unrequired, the lower deck with cabins can be closed off to ensure a more intimate experience for smaller groups.

On the bridge deck: 6 queen suites with private terraces overlooking the ocean. The 2 cabins towards the bow are slightly larger
On the lower deck: 2 twin cabins,  2 queen suites and 1 bunk bedded cabins.  3 of the cabins on the lower deck will be retained for specialist crew, the Cruise Director and as the massage room. 1 can be available for support staff if necessary.
On the top deck: Crew Quarters for all permanent crew.

Size of the beds are, 151.5cm x 200cm for the Queen size and 90cm x 200cm for the Single beds

Call us or email us for more information about SAFIRA. You can reach our office at 1.941.914.1187 or Email Us. We’ll find a charter that fits your style, budget, and interests.

Crew Info:

Name: Moosa Jameel Position: Captain
Born in Maldives, captain Moosa has been at sea for well over 30
years. He has vast experience in navigating the Maldivian seas
and has trained many who have gone on to become captains
themselves. His years of experience helps him navigate the reefs
and lagoons of Maldives with ease. He takes pride in his role
and strives to ensure clients have memorable experiences
during their charter. Moosa has been the Captain of SAFIRA
since she arrived in Maldives. He has a very warm and
welcoming personality and is liked by everyone onboard. Moosa
enjoys spending his days off fishing.

Name: Mohamed Shuailam Nasheed
Position: Charter Director/ Manager onboard
Mohamed was born in Maldives and spent his childhood in and
around water. He is in charge of the overall operations of SAFIRA
and ensures the operations onboard are carried out as
expected. He is responsible for the overall safety of the clients
and crew onboard and ensures that the charter plan is followed
and executed. He has worked previously on other yachts in
Maldives and offers valuable experience and business insight
onboard. Mohamed is able to provide details about the
onboard operations at all times.

Name: Mohamed Mansoor Position: Chief Steward
Mansoor is one of the most experienced crew onboard. Born
and raised in Maldives, Mansoor joined the military service
and served until 2014. He worked in several luxury resorts in
Maldives. His love for the ocean drew him towards the
yachting industry and eventually to SAFIRA. He is very calm
under pressure and has shown his ability to find solutions in
difficult situations. He brings a wealth of experience in regards
to security awareness, fire and rescue and disaster
management. On his free time, he likes to keep fit and enjoy’s
spending time with his family.

Name: Sanjaya Rathnayake Position: Steward/Barman
Sanjaya is one of the stewards onboard. He will be the first
person to greet you and will be at your service throughout the
charter. He has previously worked in resorts in UAE as well as
in other luxury resorts in Maldives. He is friendly and will make
sure your stay onboard SAFIRA is a memorable one. He is
passionate about providing exceptional experiences for
charter guests. Sanjaya is a qualified barman. He will be ready
to prepare cocktails for you in the evenings and serving you
some of his creations during the charter. He looks forward to
serving you onboard.

Name: Ali Ahmed Position: Deckhand/Stew
Ali has worked in resorts in Maldives and this is his first
time working onboard a yacht. He is currently gaining
experience and is a fast learner. He will ensure the boat is
kept clean at all times.. He is very energetic and is usually
the first person to start work every day. He is also an artist
and is very creative. He has a warm personality and is liked
by everyone onboard.

Name:Yoosuf Rasheed Position: Deckhand
Yoosuf is the newest and youngest member of the
crew. He is starting out in the charter industry and is
keen to learn and gain experience. He is a hard
worker and valuable member of our team. He is fast
on his feet and enjoys working onboard. Yoosuf has a
great personality and is liked by everyone onboard.
He enjoys being around the water and loves to swim.

Name: Ali Mohamed Position: Deckhand
Ali has been working onboard SAFIRA from the
beginning. He has previously worked on liveaboards
in Maldives as a deckhand. He is a hard worker and
valuable member of our team. He is a fast learner and
has been able to help out with routine maintenance
in the engine room as well. Ali has a quiet personality
and is liked by everyone onboard.

Name: Aminath Hasna (Anyu)
Position: Yoga Instructor/Junior Stew
Anyu is the yoga instructor onboard Safira. She has
worked as a yoga instructor at many luxury resorts and
brings with her a wealth of experience. She trained as an
instructor in India and has over 7 years experience with
different types of yoga. She likes to conduct sessions in
small groups. As well as being a yoga instructor, she has
also worked as a photographer and creative director for
several studios and design houses in Maldives.