Gulet Nostra Vita


Yacht Length: 32.5 Metres

Crew Size: 4

Yacht Passengers: 10

Cabins: 5

Double: 4

Twin: 1

About this Yacht

Two master cabins (14.00 m2) with double beds. A private bathroom (5.00 m2) with shower box and home-type toilet.

Two double cabins (9.00 m2) with double beds. A private bathroom (5.00 m2) with shower box and home-type toilet.

Twin cabin (9.00 m2) with twin bed. Private bathroom (5.00 m2) with shower box and home-type toilet.

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Crew Info:

Vinko boasts over a decade of experience within the gulet cruise industry, demonstrating a commitment to guest satisfaction and excellence. He consistently garners exceptional feedback from clients highlighting his exceptional service. With an intimate knowledge of coastal bays, Vinko adeptly engages with groups through a personable and professional demeanor. His affable nature, coupled with a keen sense of humor, fosters a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for all aboard. Hailing from a lineage of fishermen, Vinko possesses an innate understanding of the sea and wind, enabling him to navigate effortlessly. His extensive familiarity with the region ensures that guests are introduced to the finest dining spots, pristine beaches, and memorable leisure activities. Vinko's dedication lies in providing guests with an unparalleled experience, showcasing the beauty of the surroundings with utmost hospitality.

Jacky has been an integral member of Vinko's team for the past decade, forming a dynamic duo renowned for their exceptional service. Jacky offers a delightful fusion of flavors rooted in local cuisine, reflecting his passion for authentic gastronomy. Those seeking an extravagant dining experience with elaborate seven-course bite-size meals may not find it here; however, if your palate craves authentic, locally-inspired cuisine that captures the essence of Croatia, then look no further. Jacky invites guests to embark on a culinary journey through Croatia's culinary landscape, promising an unforgettable exploration of its finest flavors.

The remainder of the team complements these two outstanding individuals to the fullest extent, ensuring impeccable cleanliness, prompt food service, refreshing beverages, and an environment where your enjoyment is maximized.