Anima Maris


Yacht Length: 49 Metres

Crew Size: 9

Yacht Passengers: 12

Cabins: 6

King: 1

Queen: 1

Double: 4

About this Yacht

Luxury sailing yacht ANIMA MARIS is newly built luxury sailing yacht, the proud jewel of the Ercegović family which is more than 70 years connected with the sea and boats. Anima Maris is the 8th boat they have owned, a tradition dating back several generations. Time passed from the first wooden sailing boat called Sveti Križ (St. Cross) which was purchased in 1950 to the newly built, modern and luxuriously fitter 49m long sailing yacht Anima Maris, which is Latin for Soul of the Sea. Anima Maris will be able to accommodate up to 12 guests, in 6 spacious, modern and comfortable double cabins. With its elegant lines and beautiful sails the luxury sailing yacht Anima Maris will be a real beauty on the sea, proudly carrying its name and representing the soul of the sea and sailing in its full meaning. Exceptionally spacious in interior and exterior, this yacht will have the most spacious cabins on this type of yachts in Croatia. With deep earthy color shades, warm lighting, dark wood and dark marble details this yacht will unite classic contemporary interior with a touch of tradition, creating warm and welcoming atmosphere. Outside area continues the same color palette and with two dining areas, jacuzzi and plenty of cushioned areas for you to lay down and just relax, it represents ideal place for you to spend cruising and discovering beauties of the Adriatic.

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Crew Info:

Marijo was born on June 21, 1963 in a family of sailors and he has spent his whole life at sea. He started working on ships at the age of 11. He was earning his pocket money working on the boats that were extracting sand. From 1991 till 1997 He worked as a fisherman and at that time he owned 3 fishing boats. In 1998 he bought his first excursion boat Prišnjak, remodeled it and for the next 3 years worked with tourists on Makarska Riviera. In 2001, he bought the first ship for round trips IKA and worked with it until 2005. when the construction of his first new build boat started. It was a 30 meters long iron ship Vapor. From that time he has build 5 new boats: 2009. Ocean; 2013. Aurora; 2015. Diamond; 2018. Rara Avis; 2021. Anima Maris
In his free time he likes long walks and bike rides. He is married, father of 4 children and grandfather of 4 grandchildren.
All of his children are involved in family business so his legacy will live on.

Born on the island of Korčula in 1998, Petar finished his elementary and high school in Vela Luka. As a little child who grew up on the island, he was connected to the sea and ships, which determined his path later. Although a young guy, he has maritime experience working on fishing boats, gulets, and mini cruisers. Petar is a very disciplined and professional worker willing to learn but also a very communicative and easy-going person.

He is a qualified deckhand with years of experience in the yachting industry. During that time, he spent at sea three summer seasons. He worked as a skipper on fast tourist boats in the Adriatic Sea, where he had numerous day charters and transfers. Working as a luxury motor sailor in Croatia, he learned a lot and gained some new proficient skills that he wants to continue developing and progress further. He is hard working and a team player with a passion for life at sea. He spends fishing, sailing, or doing different sports activities in his free time.

Marin Klarić was born in 1983 in Sumpetar, a coastal town near Split. With the waters of the Adriatic serving as his playground, Marin’s destiny was shaped by the call of the sea. Upon completing his high school education, he wasted no time and dove headfirst into a maritime career, setting sail as a skilled skipper.
Driven by an insatiable wanderlust and a thirst for exploration, Marin embarked on awe-inspiring voyages across the world’s vast oceans. From remote islands to bustling port cities, he immersed himself in diverse cultures, expanding his horizons with each nautical mile traveled. However, the magnetic pull of his homeland and profound love for his roots beckoned him back to the Adriatic, where he found solace and fulfillment.
Since then, Marin has dedicated his professional life to the waters of the Adriatic, embracing his role as a sailor with unwavering passion and dedication. His extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the region make him an invaluable asset to any maritime endeavor.
In a remarkable turn of fate, Marin has recently embarked on a new chapter as a proud Anima Maris yacht team member. Joining their ranks this season, he brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and unforgettable experiences for guests. When Marin’s sails are temporarily at rest, he spends his well-deserved free time with his friends and family.

Novak has been an ambitious cook since childhood. He was born and raised in Podgorica, Montenegro, but his passion for cooking took him all over the Adriatic coast. His many years of experience as an assistant chef it was allowed him to acquire valuable culinary knowledge that allowed him to prove himself as an excellent chef. His unique style of combining traditional dishes from around the world and modern techniques created delicious dishes that guests loved! He soon became the head chef in one of those restaurants and began teaching younger chefs the art of cooking. His success did not stop there; Novak wanted to take it to a higher level and expand his horizons, so he signed up for a new experience at Anima Maris – something that will surely open many doors for him in his further career!

Aleksandar was born in 1991 in Banja Luka, where he finished elementary and high school. After graduation, he worked as an assistant chef in different restaurants in Croatia and Montenegro. His experience has made him realize that his skills and knowledge allow him to seek new opportunities even further. In his free time, he likes to read books, watch movies and spend time in the countryside.

Ivan was born in 1986 in the northern part of Croatia but was always fascinated by its southern part and the Adriatic Sea. He has a degree in Tourism and Hotel management but in spite of his fascination for the southern part of Croatia he has spent over 15 years working across Europe, Russia and even Afghanistan in premium restaurants. He is a proud father of a girl and enjoys spending time with her when he is not enjoying on of his hobbies that include football, fishing, hiking or being in the general outdoors. Ivan gives a 100% effort to each charter group and always want to keep the guests’ satisfaction on the highest level possible so their time on Anima Maris would be an unforgettable pleasure.

She was born on October 12, 1988, in Split, where she graduated from the High School of Economics. The five years, she worked abroad in a pharmaceutical company called Mylan as Production Operator for Manufacturing. She loves walking with her dog, going to the gym, and doing yoga in her free time, but her passion is traveling and exploring different cultures. One thing she loves about the yacht job is that life is like sailing; you can use the wind to go in any direction.

Born and raised amidst the captivating beauty of Split in 2002, Viktorija embodies a captivating blend of ambition, intellect, and wanderlust. After completing her high school education, she embarked on a relentless pursuit of knowledge, enrolling in the esteemed Faculty of Law to fuel her passion for justice and unravel the intricacies of the legal realm.
Viktorija’s remarkable proficiency in the English language paved the way for her to engage in captivating work experiences during the summer months. With an inherent flair for communication, she enthusiastically lent her talents to various events and gastronomic shows, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to every occasion.
This summer, Viktorija’s path serendipitously intersected with the prestigious Anima Maris yacht, where she was welcomed aboard as a hostess. Beyond her professional endeavors, Viktorija finds solace in the simplicity of life’s pleasures. In her free time, she joyously embraces the open road on her bicycle, and eagerly delves into literature, expanding her intellectual horizons with each page turn. Yet, her ardent love is for travel. Driven by an unwavering passion for exploring the unknown and immersing herself in diverse societies, Viktorija is fueled by the desire to broaden her linguistic repertoire. She thrives on learning new foreign languages, viewing each linguistic conquest as a gateway to understanding and connecting with individuals from all walks of life.

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