Yacht Length: 37.30 Metres

Crew Size: 8

Yacht Passengers: 12

Cabins: 6

Queen: 6

Twin: 1

About this Yacht

Luxury motor sailer yacht NAVILUX

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Crew Info:

Ante Ercegovic
Ante is the 7th generation of captains and boat owners in his family. Some of Ante’s earliest memories are of being at sea with his grandfather and father, which instilled a passion for the sea, sailing, and tourism. Educated at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split, Ante's dedication and commitment shone through as he graduated "Cum Laude," showcasing both his academic prowess and practical knowledge. Instrumental in the decision to construct Navilux, one of Croatia's pioneering custom luxury yachts, Ante played a pivotal role in the realization of this maritime masterpiece. Ante spent four years aboard Navilux with his father as captain before he dedicated himself to the building of the sister ship Aiaxaia (renamed Omnia), where he took the helm as captain. Having successfully captained Omnia, Ante returned to Navilux, ready to carry on the family legacy and take over from his father as captain. Ante is detail-oriented and a natural leader; he has carefully chosen his crew to provide the best possible service and experience to his guests.

Dominik Heroic
Dominik, a 29-year-old chef brings a unique blend of culinary expertise and hospitality skills to Navilux. Fluent in English and with a strong command of Italian, Dominik is not only a master in the kitchen but also an excellent communicator. His passion for cooking and love for world cuisines led him to combine his skills with his affinity for nature and travel, which eventually led him to a yachting industry that seamlessly integrates these elements. To win the hearts of guests, he relies on a winning recipe of courtesy and his culinary creations. Understanding the significance of a vacation, Dominik prioritizes customer service by making special moments, such as celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, a part of the yacht experience. His future plans include continuous self- improvement as a chef and building a name for himself in the culinary world. Outside of work, Dominik enjoys sports, photography, and travel, reflecting his adventurous spirit. With previous experiences as a chef in restaurants across Europe and Asia, Dominik brings a wealth of culinary knowledge, with Mediterranean cuisine being his favorite. His cooking style is characterized by tasteful and clean creations, avoiding additives and artificial enhancers, ensuring that every dish is a delightful and authentic experience for the guests.

Srdan Smailagic
Srdan is a passionate sailor and enjoys everything connected to the sea. After graduation, Srdan completed all safety training and certificates in the Maritime School in Split and obtained the highest international certificates for his position. Following this Srdan worked for more than 8 years on yachts and passenger ships sailing worldwide. Recently, Srdan was aboard the luxury yacht Aixaia (renamed Omnia) and now he follows Ante to join as crew aboard Navilux. Srdan has a relaxed and friendly nature which guests feel and appreciate. Whether driving the tender for guests to go ashore or enjoy water sports, or helping around the yacht, Srđan is always willing to do what is necessary to ensure the best experience for the guests and a positive working atmosphere amongst the crew.

Vedran Cikotic
Meet Vedran, our seasoned deckhand with a passion for the sea that runs deep in his veins. At 36 years old, Vedran brings three years of valuable experience to our crew, coupled with an intriguing background in the production of fishing equipment. Raised in a maritime environment, he owes his career choice to his father, who instilled in him a profound love for the ocean during his childhood. Married and a proud parent of one child, Vedran's commitment to his family is evident in his unwavering dedication to his work. What sets Vedran apart is his genuine enthusiasm for guest interaction, considering the best part of working on a yacht to be the communication with those on board. For him, customer service is synonymous with kindness and attention, making each guest's experience memorable. When not navigating the seas, Vedran enjoys a variety of hobbies, including football, hiking, and fishing, reflecting his love for both land and water.

Luka Maric
Luka grew up on the sea and fell in love with boats from an early age. This passion took him around the world, working on various passenger ships. Due to Luka’s experience and reputation, he had many job offers but Luka decided to return to his well-known and deeply loved Adriatic Sea. Besides his experience, knowledge, and professional qualities that make him a great addition to the Omnia crew, Luka is a hands-on person who takes every task seriously and completes it to the highest standard Luka strives to make guests stay aboard both safe and enjoyable.

Tina Paraman
With a passion for the sea deeply ingrained in her roots, Tina chose to pursue her career in maritime technologies of yachts and marinas at the Maritime Faculty. Currently, she holds the esteemed position of Chief Stew, bringing five years of valuable experience on board. Tina thrives in the challenging and dynamic environment that working at sea entails. Her journey in the maritime industry has not only honed her technical skills but has also shaped her into a customer service aficionado. Tina believes that customer service plays a pivotal role in presenting the yacht to clients. For her, it's about taking customers on a journey that guarantees satisfaction and fostering relationships that prove mutually beneficial. Tina is recognized for her responsibility, creativity, organizational prowess, and adaptability. Her resilience and high threshold of tolerance make her a standout professional in the world of yachting. With an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service, Tina continues to find joy in the fascinating and non-monotonous aspects of her work, relishing the opportunity to explore various islands and cities as part of her maritime adventures.

Jakša Bučić
Jakša has years of experience in hospitality and working aboard yachts Hospitality is not just a job, it is a passion and way of life Jakša has proved himself to be a valuable asset to every yacht he has ever worked on, and he is excited to be a part of the professional Navilux crew Jakša is outgoing, and while he is professional, he also has a great sense of humour which helps anyone feel relaxed in his presence Jakša loves creating memorable moments for his guests his experience and knowledge ensure everyone who sails with Navilux will have an amazing holiday.

2 n d S T E W A R D E S S
Daniela Jelovic
Daniela, at the age of 30, serves as the 2nd Stewardess on our crew. Fluent in both English and German, she excels in communication, a crucial skill in her role. With a background in guest services, her primary objective is to ensure guests feel comfortable, their wishes are understood, and their expectations are exceeded. Daniela's simplicity in approach and dedication to details define her work ethic. The allure of the Adriatic is what Daniela finds most rewarding about working on a yacht. Her philosophy on customer experience revolves around attention to detail, moderate unobtrusiveness, dedication, and focus. In her pursuit of improving the guest experience, Daniela sees every challenge as an opportunity for growth. She envisions enhancing her already existing skills while exploring new ones. As she embraces the challenges of the industry, her future plans are driven by a desire for positive experiences and mutual satisfaction. Hobbies such as gardening, fitness, hiking, reading, and writing showcase her diverse interests and commitment to personal development.

Maria Laco
Meet Maria, a 20-year-old Interior Stew who's been part of the yachting world since 2022. Her love for the sea and meticulous nature make her a perfect fit for the housekeeping department, where she excels in maintaining impeccable interiors. Maria values communication as the key to exceptional customer service, reflecting her communicative and kind demeanor. With previous experience as a Sous Chef on yachts Apollon and Adris and a background as a hotel maid, Maria brings a wealth of expertise to the crew. Beyond her professional skills, she enjoys playing the piano, practicing makeup artistry, and showcasing her culinary talents. Maria's love for children is evident as she occasionally takes on babysitting responsibilities, rounding out her diverse skill set and making her a great asset to Navilux's team.