Yacht Length: 18.28 Metres

Crew Size: 2

Yacht Passengers: 8

Cabins: 4

Double: 3

About this Yacht

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Crew Info:

Captain - Nicolas Germain
Born in Greece, I grew up near the sea by spending all my holidays in Ikaria in the Aegean Sea.
I spent most of my school years and studies in France mainly on the Atlantic coast and madethe choice at 18 to choose the profession of sailing monitor and skipper, my vocation beingalways worn for the sea frame.
After having traveled, worked and having been trained for almost six years in different sailingclubs in France and overseas (Guadeloupe), I naturally decided to return to my maternalcountry to embark on a career as a skipper professional.
I quickly started to transfer charter sailboats by the week and day trips as well as sailingcourses to individuals. As such, I have in -depth knowledge as a crew member on all types ofmotor, yachts and sailboats.
I am a sympathetic person, dynamic, passionate about his job. I have a capacity fororganization, adaptation, and respect for safety rules. I will be delighted to transmit to you allthat I have learned and share my knowledge.
We will organize your stay according to your tastes and desires (activities, destination,navigation, menu choice, privacy) always depending on the choices available according to theweather at sea.
Interest centers: Sport, Harpon rifle fishing, sailing, kitchen, travel.
Diplomas: Engine permit (FR), Sailing permit (GR), Sailing monitor diploma (FR), Sea lifeguard(FR)