Yacht Length: 56 Feet

Crew Size: 2

Yacht Passengers: 6

Cabins: 3

Queen: 3

About this Yacht

IZANAMI - 伊邪那美 The muse of hospitality Izanami, meaning "she who invites". Inspired by the Japanese mythology, is a creator deity of both creation and death, a bridge between ocean and land. Reflecting our core value of hospitality.

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Crew Info:

Captain: George Magoulas

George, the Captain of Izanami, was born in Greece in 1996 and holds the prestigious RYA Yacht Master certification. With a passion for sailing ignited at the age of nine, he has since then honed his skills in numerous sailing races and yacht deliveries. Since 2018, he has been dedicated to the yachting industry, where he continuously refines his expertise in customer service, yacht maintenance and yachts in general. Now in his second year aboard Izanami, George embodies a commitment to exceptional service, fostering a sense of community onboard among crew and guests alike while respecting their preferences, the sea, and the environment. He is a true sailor by heart, adventurous, safety-oriented and his ultimate goal is to create unforgettable experiences for his guests, ensuring their time aboard Izanami is cherished for years to come. In his free time, he loves to do any kind of water sport, climbing and hiking, fishing, road cycling, photography, all of which make him an interesting companion to have on board and complete his captivating and sociable character.

Cook/Host: Dimitris Parthimos

Dimitris, born in 1980 in Greece, brings a wealth of culinary expertise to the yacht. Graduating from HOFMANN CULINARY SCHOOL BARCELONA as a Professional Chef in 2007, he has since specialized in crafting exquisite meals both on land and at sea. Joining the yachting industry in 2021, Dimitris is adept at accommodating diverse food preferences with creativity and finesse, even in the face of limited space and resources. Fluent in Greek, English, and Spanish, he ensures seamless communication with guests from various backgrounds. Beyond his culinary skills, Dimitris excels as a deck hand, assisting the skipper with vessel operations. His passion for sailing extends to aspirations of becoming a skipper in the future. With a keen appreciation for Mediterranean cuisine, particularly Greek and Italian flavors, Dimitris's culinary prowess and versatility elevate the dining experience aboard Izanami, leaving guests with unforgettable memories.