Yacht Length: 99 Feet

Crew Size: 4

Yacht Passengers: 8

Cabins: 4

Queen: 1

Double: 3

About this Yacht

8 guests in 4 double cabins, all similar size with air-condition & ensuite facilities

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Crew Info:

Captain Juan Manuel Lima Finozzi

Dear Guest,
My name is Captain J. Manuel.
I was born and raised in Uruguay, very close to the Atlantic Ocean, and with a great love
for water, starting to sail as a kid.
In my youth, I had my first experiences as a sailor on the Río de la Plata, which was the
beginning of my passion for sailing.
When I arrived in Europe more than 20 years ago, I was determined to achieve my dreams
in the yacht industry and develop my skills as a sailor, starting first with my education.
From there, many years later, I started as a deckhand and grew up to become a Captain,
sailing and commanding many types of yachts, mainly classic schooners, sloops, and
I will continue to develop my passion for the sea, sailing, and service in the charter
Welcome aboard!

Deckhand Quentin Gibson
Hello, I'm Quentin Gibson, an experienced sailor with a passion for the sea and a
commitment to safety.
With extensive experience, including eight months working on a catamaran in South Africa,
I've navigated various waters, honing my skills and fostering a deep respect for the ocean.
Additionally, I've operated tenders, delivering guests alongside the catamaran, further
enriching my understanding of maritime operations.
My motivation stems from a desire to share the joy of sailing while ensuring the safety of
all onboard.
Alongside my sailing endeavours, I've proudly served with the NSRI (National Sea Rescue
Institute), dedicated to saving lives along the South African coast.
Join me for an unforgettable journey where adventure meets responsibility, and every
voyage is an opportunity to experience the beauty of the sea while prioritizing safety above
all else.

Chef Louise Foulon
A Belgian chef , specialized in French cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. I love to work in Greece due to the rich amount and exceptional quality of fresh ingredients. Whether it’s by going to the fresh fishmarket or local fruits and vegetables store, my dishes reflect a deep respect for the culinary traditions of theMediterranean, blended seamlessly with the finesse of French gastronomy. My journey is one of passion and adventure, sailing from port to port. making great food for great people,where each meal is a celebration of life, love, and the endless beauty of the ocean

Stewardess Lizaan
Growing up in the countryside, I was surrounded by horses, camping adventures, and—ironically—lions casually strolling down the streets! Mylove for the water started early, and it only made sense to combine that passion with my knack for hospitality by becoming an experienced stewardess. With a warm smile and a dedication to making every guest feel special, I bring my unique background and zest for life to the yachting world. Whether it’s ensuring every detail is perfect or sharing a story from my wild up bringing, I'm here to make your time on board truly unforgettable. Can't wait to welcome you aboard!