Yacht Length: 54 Feet

Crew Size: 2

Yacht Passengers: 6

Cabins: 3

Double: 3

About this Yacht

Call us or email us for more information about YANNIS 65S. You can reach our office at 1.941.914.1187 or Email Us. We’ll find a charter that fits your style, budget, and interests.

Crew Info:

Captain: Gianluca Vitelli

Coming from the picturesque town of Milan, Italy, Captain Luca has seamlessly blended his love for the sea with his life's commitment. Commencing his sailing journey in his early twenties, he started working as a captain finally in 2014 and since then he has extensively navigated the Mediterranean, covering over 20,000 nautical miles from the Baleares to the Aegean Sea. With an infectious enthusiasm for sailing, a profound love for the sea, and a stellar ability as a team player, Captain Luca is dedicated to showcasing the treasures of Greece to his guests.
Responsible, adaptable, and committed to delivering unforgettable sailing experiences, Captain Luca captains the Yannis 65S, exploring the captivating Cyclades, the scenic Saronic Islands, and the lush Ionian Islands throughout Greece. Collaborating seamlessly with Sabrina for many years, they form a dynamic team striving for safe yet indulgent personalized luxury sailing holidays. Known for his kindness, ever-present smile, and eagerness to assist, Captain Luca is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, ensuring a warm and inclusive experience for all guests.

Hostess/Cook: Sabrina Bolzoni

Coming as well from Italy, Sabrina was born with a passion for both culinary arts and the sea. As an ardent cook, her creations are a delightful fusion of Mediterranean flavors, Italian folklore, and Greek mythology. With a knack for creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to using only the freshest and most authentic ingredients, Sabrina brings a unique and flavorful experience to the table.
Radiating happiness, Sabrina infuses her well-being and positivity into her dishes. In collaboration with Luca, she forms an exceptional team, their partnership spanning several years. Together, they are dedicated to ensuring the utmost care for their guests – from discovering the finest anchorages to savoring the most delectable meals. Their goal is to provide an unforgettable, tailor-made sailing holiday, where each moment is as distinct as it is memorable.