Yacht Length: 48 Metres

Crew Size: 8

Yacht Passengers: 12

Cabins: 6

King: 2

Queen: 2

Twin: 2

About this Yacht

CORSARIO is a luxury, family friendly yacht that combines the elegance of a traditional yacht with modern luxury. The Owners of this marvellous yacht have created something quite special. So far it has exceeded all expectations of a wonderful charter experience. CORSARIO’s 48 meter length offers space for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you want a quiet place in the saloon, to sit on the foredeck with a good book, have a dip in the jacuzzi, take your yoga mat and do some stretches, or just sit on the decks sunbathing; with her three decks and plenty of seating areas, everyone will find space for themselves. Yacht CORSARIO offers accommodation for up to 12 guests in six staterooms: one Master cabin, one VIP cabin, two double cabins and two twin cabins. There is also another en suite double cabin, the seventh cabin, on the top deck. This is a slightly smaller cabin, but can be used for groups that might want to maximise the available space. This cabin is also a great option for those clients that want a masseuse or a full-time nanny onboard. Each cabin comes with A/C, flat screen TV, wi-fi, safe box, audio surround system with separate controls, interphone and room service. In the main salon, there are separate lounge and dining sections and a bar area, all with modern furnishings throughout and large windows with panoramic views. The main deck is large and offers a great space, including lounging and dining areas. The flybridge has been a favourite area for many guests, with a sauna room and jacuzzi. CORSARIO comes with an impressive selection of water toys, something for everyone: two stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, jetski, water-skiing gear, snorkelling equipment, fishing rods, sun mattresses and floating mats for all kinds of fun. Just as outstanding as the boat itself, is the crew of eight. They are skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated to the yacht and their guests. Guests’ main take-away from their time on board has been how amazing the crew were. Captain Jure is larger than life and knows Croatian waters and islands like the back of his hand. He is a dedicated professional who has been on board since the beginning (2019). You never see him without a smile and his enthusiasm is infectious. Chef Luka is an exceptional cook. His food is not just delicious, but is also presented beautifully. Luka has been on board since 2019. The whole crew gels really well. They are always around, always available but always discreet.

Call us or email us for more information about Corsario . You can reach our office at 1.941.914.1187 or Email Us. We’ll find a charter that fits your style, budget, and interests.

Crew Info:

Captain: Jure Restovic
Our amazing captain Jure comes from little fishing and shipbuilding village Milna on island Brač. His dad was a craftsman, shipbuilder and sailor, so he grew up near the boats and learned the same skills. He worked on a small ship cruisers, big overseas cargo ships, then again as a sailor on yachts and finally as a captain, which was his lifelong dream. Jure has been the captain of Corsario from the beginning (2019).

Jure is a big fan of fishing and being on the sea, so don't be surprised when he takes you to the most mesmerizing bays and coves and catches fresh fish, octopus or calamari for you. He is also a very passionate craftsman and a guy who can just fix anything.

However, on top of all that he is simply an awesome human being. Guests adore him and crew even more. He will show you how to truly indulge into everything that the Adriatic sea has to offer while on Corsario.

- Favourite Food: Octopus under the bell (peka).
- Best island in Croatia: My island of course: Brac.
- Favourite wind: Maestral winds (Northwest wind that blows in summer only).
Perfect for sailing and I love to sail.
- Favourite drink: Local Croatian wine, from Konoba if possible. Konoba is an area
inside someone’s home where they store wine and there is huge tradition of winemaking in Croatia.
- Favourite thing about Corsario: The ability to meet new people and show them the beauties of our home. To the new guests, all I can say is - You will be
happy to get to know us.

CHEF: Luka Vulić
It is very common that guests expectations are surpassed with quality of the food that we serve on Corsario and it is Luka's "fault". This incredibly talented chef, comes from small little coastal town - Omiš, where also our sailing yacht Corsario has roots from.

Luka had years of international experience at the very beginning of his career, after which he came back to Croatia and worked as a head chef in some of the best fine dining restaurants of island Hvar and town of Split. After years of restaurant experience, he became a chef in newly built exclusive hotel in his home town, where he stayed for 2 years.

Finally, he came to work on Corsario and has been on board since 2019 serving some of the finest dishes you can have along your journey over Adriatic coast. We are so happy to have him as one of our leaders among the crew.

- Favourite Food: Seafood risotto
- Best place in Croatia: Omiš - it has an extraordinary combination of sea,
mountain and river. The people there are super nice.
- Favourite fish: Sea bass by far
- Favourite drink: Lots of coffee!
- Favourite thing about Corsario: I do believe we go above and beyond to show the guests the best of Croatia. Personally, I love showing them authentic Croatian dishes and pointing out how easily we get fresh, local and organic products here. Simply, food tastes better just because of its’ local origin.

When you go through Corsario feedback in our book of impressions, Dario might be name that repeats the most, along with Jure and Luka. His warm personality and attention to details are great, but what really makes him perfect for this job is his humor and witty jokes that will draw a smile on your face Even when you don't expect it. Dario has outstanding knowledge of Croatian wines and wines in general, admirable cocktail making skills and always has tons of ideas for organising a theme nights if guests want that.

His extensive working experience in 5 star hotels and some fine dining restaurants gave him not only great skills and mentality, but also lots of contacts, so in case you need recommendation for restaurants and bars, he is the guy to

- Favourite food: I love pasta.
- Best island in Croatia: Hvar!
- Favourite cocktail: Negroni.
- Favourite drink: Freshly squeezed lemonade.
- Favourite thing about Corsario: I love making people happy and also this job makes me happy. Guests often surprise about Croatia being the finest of what Mediterranean has to offer. To many of them it is still a hidden gem.

DECKHAND: Duje Pečarević
Duje was born in Split but he originates from island Vis and he is really proud of it. He is known among the crew as a guy with happy personality who is always willing to help - whether it is on the deck, galley or service, he will jump anywhere. Corsario is his first yacht and he loves working with his fellow colleagues and captain Jure. His favourite part about his working with the water toys and bringing joy to guests who wish to use them. Manual work suits him well because he has always been into sports and he always needs some kind of activity to use his energy on his energy.

Back at home, during winter time, he studies and trains in wrestling and loves visiting the island Vis, his second home. One day he dreams of becoming a captain on a yacht and with his attitude, nothing is impossible.

- Favourite food: Chicken and salad. I love enjoying healthy foods.
- Best island in Croatia: My island- Vis!
- Favourite wind: I love southern winds. They are moody but warm.
- Favourite drink: Cold pressed juices.
- Favourite thing about Corsario: I am so happy that I got an opportunity to work on this stunning yacht and to learn from my co-workers and captain. I honestly believe that I couldn’t find a better working environment.

BOSUN: Josip Poklepović
Josip and captain Jure are lifelong friends who grew up together on island Brač in village of Milna. Joisp has been working as a fisherman for many years and last 7 years he switched to mini cruisers. Last year, Jure acquired him
as a bosun on board Corsario.

Josip has great maritime knowledge and he is also father of three amazing kids. He loves working on Corsario as a sailing season in yachting is not that long like on mini cruisers. In addition to that, this is also something new for him and much more interesting. He leads the whole deck by the instructions of captain Jure and Jure trusts him 100%.

In winter time he catches fish from his small boat and often hosts BBQs for family and friends - one of the reasons why he is so loved by his community. Josip is true professional, dedicated worker who sets a great example for young deckhands.

- Favourite food: Grilled fish (especially if I caught it!).
- Best island in Croatia: Brac by far.
- Favourite wind: Hugo (Southeast wind).
- Favourite drink: I love cold beer.
- Favourite thing about Corsario: Working in the yachting business is so refreshing to me. One day I would like to to be captain and there is no better teacher than my lifelong friend- Captain Jure.

Some people think that Toni has batteries inside of him because he never gets tired. This gem of a person is the best possible worker you can have on your team. When he finishes his job he finds another one, you don’t have to tell him, he sees it.

Toni comes from island Vis like Duje, but town of Komiža and those two towns are big “rivals”. They always joke which town is nicer and whose village has the better olive oil, lemons, wines, etc.

Toni used to be a skipper on small motor boats, barman in famous pubs and waiter in respected restaurants, but he found himself on Corsario. He takes care of engine room and deck. Along with Duje and Josip, he creates amazing team. Corsario is happy to have him on board.

- Favourite food: Grilled meat with friends. Simple but delicious!
- Best islands in Croatia: island Vis but the town of Komiža.
- Favourite wind: Maestral. It cools me down in summer time.
- Favourite drink: Coffee in the morning and non-alcoholic beer in the evening.
- Favourite thing about Corsario: My co-workers, from captain, chef, deckhands -
everybody. I have worked everywhere and it is really rare to have such a great working environment.

Crew Photo