Yacht Length: 29 Metres

Crew Size: 4

Yacht Passengers: 12

Cabins: 6

Double: 5

Twin: 1

About this Yacht

Agora offers accommodation for 12 guests in 6 ensuite and air-conditioned cabins (5 double and 1 twin).

Call us or email us for more information about AGORA. You can reach our office at 1.941.914.1187 or Email Us. We’ll find a charter that fits your style, budget, and interests.

Crew Info:

Ivan Ercegović
Captain Ivo, born in 1962, is deeply rooted in maritime adventure. In the past, the family was engaged in sandblasting, then excursions and boat cruises, which business Ivo took over from his father after the age of 18. With a completed electrical engineering school and all the necessary certificates for ship management, Ivo is not only an experienced seaman but also an expert in his work.
His hobbies reveal his passion for practical work - from woodworking to metalworking, he likes to repair and renovate things, especially in winter when he finds satisfaction in restoring old objects.
His favourite activity when working with guests is presenting a map and showing hidden gems and points of interest along the coast, providing them with an unforgettable experience and a deeper insight into local culture and nature.
With his passion and dedication, Captain Ivo is not only the captain of the ship, but also a guide who will lead every guest through an unforgettable experience of exploring and enjoying the sea.

Sabina Bošnjak
Sabina, born in Slovenia in 1972, initially pursued a career as a commercial manager upon graduating. However, her deep affection for Dalmatia, the sea, and culinary delights beckoned her towards a different path.
She jestingly admits that a mere week spent at sea wasn't enough for her, prompting her decision to embark on a boat in 2018 to relish the Adriatic's splendor for a more extended period.
Sabina meticulously attends to guests' preferences, finding great fulfillment in surpassing their expectations alongside her team, ensuring their continual satisfaction with the service provided.
Her passion for the sea reflects in her leisure pursuits, where she joyfully engages in various water sports during the sunny summer days. During the winter months, she returns to her native Slovenia, eagerly awaiting the return of summer.

Roko Jurić
Roko, born in 2003, completed his education at the maritime school in Split. Initially aiming to gather experience for his cadetship, he embarked on the gulet Agora in 2021. Surprisingly, he found immense satisfaction in his work and continues to relish summer voyages along the Adriatic. Prior to this maritime endeavour, he served as a mooring vessel operator at the ferry port of Split. Embraced by his colleagues as the youngest crew member, he affectionately earned the nickname "Little Roko."
He is fluent in English and he finds joy in interacting with guests, delving into diverse cultures and forging new connections. During his leisure moments, he indulges in the strategic intricacies of chess and, when time permits, actively engages in the rigorous discipline of boxing. In the winter months, he immerses himself in farming pursuits and adventurous hikes, cherishing quality time spent with loved ones.

Miro Emrić
Miro was born in 2000 and graduated from the school of fine arts. After a brief stint as an agricultural worker, he found himself drawn to a different path. In the summer of 2023, he seized the opportunity to work as a waiter/sailor on the gulet Agora, discovering a genuine fondness for the role. His knack for crafting cocktails brought joy to guests, earning him the endearing nickname Miško. He takes great pleasure in interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.
During his leisure hours, he indulges in playing the popular Dalmatian card game "Trešeta" and watching movies. In the winter months, he immerses himself in boat repairs, embraces nature through hiking, and enjoys quality time with family, especially his beloved dog.

Crew Photo